ROWEN PHONO MM/MC preamplifier

The ultimate MM/MC preamplifier for 2 independently adaptable MC-pick-ups and an additional entrance for MM systems. Those particularly audiophile sounding "Single Ended Class A" amplifier circuits are maximized at high expenditure to the absolute maximum of sound quality. Separate voltage processing units are supplying each individual group of amplifiers with current. The circuit layout was optimized for the shortage signal path possible and for an optimal arrangement of the individual building groups. The ROWEN SilentCaps, and hand selected transistors, makes an ideally stable work temperature possible and keeps away unwanted vibrations. The consistently paged out, optional power pack ABSOLUTE PSU, supplies the ABSOLUTE PHONO with a trouble free power supply that guarantees perfect stability required for clear sound quality and the maximum music benefit.

Input 1: MM 47kOhm (other values on request)
Input 2: MC 30, 50, 100, 500, 1k Ohm switchable (other values on request)
Input 3: MC 30, 50, 100, 500, 1k Ohm switchable (other values on request)

  • full discrete Single Ended Class-A circuit
  • 2 independently adaptable MC inputs
  • 1 MM input
  • external power-supply needed, cascadable with Absolute PRE
  • dimensions (w×h×d): 21.5×6.8×29.0 cm
  • executions: