ROWEN PRE preamplifier

This pre amp has been consistently designed for the uncompromising quality of sound. Due to "Single Ended Class A" technology music is amplified in its natural purity. There are no crossover distortions and micro-signals, the smallest parts of music presentation, are respected with all their details. The optional MM/MC phono circuit can be individually adjusted to the pickup. The symmetric XLR-outputs permit a full symmetric operation of the power amps ABSOLUTE ONE and TWO. A refined circuit, for cinema direct, allows the extension with external home cinema components. During this operation mode the pre amp is automatically bridged.

  • full discrete Single Ended Class-A circuit
  • Cinema-Direct input with priority
  • optional: phono input for MM and MC
  • external power-supply needed
  • inputs (stereo): 5 cinch, 1 Cinema-Direct, 1 phono MM/MC (optional)
  • input sensitivity (1V output) (line, phono MM, phono MC): 300mV, 2.1mV, 0.1mV
  • input impedance (line, phono MM, phono MC): 10kΩ, 47kΩ, 22-300Ω
  • outputs (stereo): 2 cinch, 1 XLR
  • output impedance: 50Ω
  • signal-to-noise ratio (line, phono MM @5mV, phono MC @1mV): >110dB, >94dB, >82dB
  • distortions THD (20Hz-20kHz, 1kHz): <0.010%, <0.002%
  • dimensions (w×h×d): 21.5×6.8×29.0 cm
  • Links: manual (PDF)
  • executions: