ROWEN Tri-Active technology

All the world is united on this point - active is better (than passive) but also elaborated! By the Active technology the sound quality can be significantly increased, as the dynamic disadvantages by passive crossovers do not apply, and the "pure" music reachs the different loudspeakers. The gain in intensity and the deep dimension picture gives the music a lot more expressiveness and concert-listening experiences.

With the ROWEN Tri-Active technology the low-, mid- and high-frequencies are threaded directly by separate amplifiers. The external Tri-Active crossover delivers the correct frequency-spectrums to each amplifier.

The Tri-Active operation is possible with following loudspeakers:
ROWEN A10, A12, RA 2, RA 1&1, RA 2&2


The ROWEN Tri-Active technology allows to bypass the passiv crossover in the loudspeaker and to drive the low-, mid- and high-frequencies directly by three seperate amplifiers. There's a Tri-Active crossover (XO3) and three amplifier-channels needed:

ROWEN SOCLE TRI socle amplifier

ROWEN PA4 4-channel power amplifier

ROWEN MONO or ROWEN PA1 amplifiers