ROWEN Full-Bipol technology

The omnidirectional radiation produces a perfectly homogeneous energy behavior in the living room between direct and ambient sound. In "normal" front mounted speakers, the lack of ambient space power in mid/high frequencies is compensated on the direct sound with a raise of the tweeter, which usually leads to an exaggeration or a certain hardness. The full-Bipol in contrast reveals a bright and clear sound that is accompanied by a pronounced degree of uniformity and linearity. The very natural sound quality of these transducers let you forget to listen to speakers.

ROWEN Full-Bipol loudspeakers

Conventional front-mounted bass reflex speaker


The ROWEN Bipol technique, with double bass-assembly, allows for extremely linear low frequency also close to the wall.

Traditional front-mounted boxes are only enough linear when free placed (distance greater than 2m wall).

BTW: wall-speakers or speakers integrated in bookshelfs have practically no linearity problems.

Genuine bass with Bipol technology

The ROWEN Bipol technology, with both sides mounted bass, provides a closed design and thus avoid the disadvantages of bass-reflex systems.

Bass-reflex systems buy themselves a subjective bass pressure at the expense of low-frequency sounds (sharp drop below reflex frequency of -12 dB/octave). This subjective bass pressure also is poorly controlable by the amplifier.

Homogeneous spatial acoustics

The ROWEN Full-Bipol technology (both sides fully mounted) produces a tonal homogeneity between direct and ambient timbre.

Traditional front-mounted boxes, are omnidirectional up to around 600Hz, and above maximum 180° radiating. This results in living room-condition to an imbalance between direct and ambient timbre. To compensate this misconduct, the direct sound is usually oversubscribed.