ROWEN PHONO SE MM/MC preamplifier

The PHONO SE MM/MC preamplifier is a sonically refined version of the already very musical PHONO. Highest quality Mundorf polypropylene capacitors in the entire signal path elicit the puristic circuit layout with single-ended Class A and ODS "optimal dynamic sensitivity" the last ounce of musicality, accompanied by intoxicating airiness and silkiness.

  • full discrete Single Ended Class-A circuit
  • high-quality Mundorf polypropylene capacitors throughout the entire signal path
  • MM (47kΩ) and MC (100, 500, >1000Ω) switchable
  • external power-supply included
  • dimensions (w×h×d): 10.5×4.9×16.9 cm
  • executions: