ROWEN AM-1c loudspeaker

"Design" can address on the one hand up-to-date and modern exterior or on the other hand this term can refer to inner values like refined Circuit technology. The ROWEN Lifestyle series offers attractive "Outfit" and technology of the finest! When it comes to sound, thanks to refined technology, these compact Design loudspeakers distinguish themselves clearly from their competitors of same size and have only little in common with "normal" boxes!

The ideal solution, where the listening room lacks space. Both integrated in your book shelf or on stands this compact active box plays impressively. Within the basic tone range as well as regarding dynamics and bass pressure this active monitor competes with a medium sized floor-standing speaker.


mode of operation:Bi-Active
frequencies:45 - 22000 Hz
ways/systems:2 / 2
crossover frequencies:4kHz
dim. (h×w×d):26×16.4×22 cm
weight:8 kg
links: manual